Monday, April 23, 2007

Chaotic spirit

Why does alcohol induce us to give extreme and strong responses? Time and again, we have succumbed to toxic contents and have displayed our anarchic side. Once drunk, we tend to see everything in black and white. Every stare seems mean, every spoken word sounds offending provoking us to react impulsively. We tend to open up ourselves to our fullest in such occasions. We tend to react emotionally (with either positive or negative emotions). Why does this happen?

We never assess the situation rationally. Once drunk,.the world around us becomes fantastical. Everything around us has some emotional value. In our effort to retain full consciousness, we ignore many things. The mental stress which we undergo starts affecting our composure and we end up blabbering whatever comes to mind. The link between thoughts and words spoken starts thinning and at one point, its gone.